We encourage all children to fully engage in our play based learning environment, therefore we encourage children to be dressed in comfortable clothing with secure footwear. It is recommended that children are dressed in appropriate, sun safe and comfortable play clothes in accordance with the current weather conditions. Educators will be mindful of the appropriateness of the weight of children’s clothing during rest time and change accordingly.

We recommend that children do not wear shoes with smooth, hard soles, as they can be dangerous on the climbing equipment and extremely slippery on some surfaces. Similarly, we encourage children to wear shoes with enclosed heels or supporting straps around the heels. For health and safety reasons: thongs, clogs and masseurs are not appropriate for the care setting.

In order to promote each child’s independence in toileting please ensure that children are dressed appropriately to support their autonomy. Although the service maintains adequately supplied spare clothing box it is recommended that at least one set of the child’s own clearly labeled clothing is packed into their bag to be used in the event of an accident or the occurrence of significant weather changes. Educators plan and implement programs and discussions which identify appropriate clothing for various climatic conditions and convey respect to cultural differences with regards to clothing and attitudes to dress.