Blinkies Early Education Centres acknowledge that nappy changes and toileting procedures are individualised and culturally appropriate according to the child and family needs. The procedures are conducted in a sensitive, consistent and positive manner which recognises children’s efforts and fosters independence, while understanding physical and emotional needs.

Prior to the toilet training process educators will consult with parents and make observations in an effort to determine a child’s readiness to commence toilet training. Throughout the process educators and parents will share information on the progress whilst at the same time working co-operatively to emphasis the importance of good hygiene practices.

Educators and management reserve the right to postpone toilet training procedure of an individual child should that child’s inability or unwillingness to participate in the process is causing distress or a health risk at the service. The toilet training process will recommence at a time to be determined by educators and in consultation with the child’s parents.

While the daily routine allows for regular toileting times, children will be able to independently, or with assistance, access the toilet and hand washing areas at any time of the day. Toileting is a learning time for each child and educators will positively interact with the child throughout the procedure whilst encouraging each child’s effort to develop independence in toileting, self-help skills and applying simple hygiene practices.